How do I apply for ESTA?

If you’re planning a trip to the North American one of the biggest considerations which is pivotal to your travel arrangements is whether or not you’re granted authorization to enter the USA. This authorization mainly comes in the form of a travel visa, but for citizens who hail from specific countries they can basically go via the ESTA register and essentially get their authorization without having to physically visit the US embassy office in their native land. Applying for ESTA online is a very straight forward exercise and can be summarized into four easy steps.

Step One
The first step simply entails confirming whether or not your native country is on the list of 38 countries to whom citizens are eligible for the visa waiver program and these include:
Asia – Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Brunei
Europe & Scandinavia – United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Estonia, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Finland, Slovakia, France, Andorra, Spain, Iceland, Lithuania, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Norway, Latvia, Malta, Denmark, San Marino and Sweden
South America – Chile
Australasia – Australia and New Zealand

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Travelers from 38 Countries can Travel to the USA without a Visa

As part of their ongoing efforts to streamline the travel authorization granted to travelers seeking to visit the United States, the US Department of Homeland Security has created a program for those travelers residing in certain countries to get online authorization. This naturally comes as a welcome relief for many travelers, even though this ESTA register of eligible travelers is only limited to 38 countries. All it is really is a platform which allows qualifying prospective travelers to file an ESTA online so that they can get pre-approved for authorization in place of a visa. In a system which would otherwise be clogged up with numerous visa applications, this saves qualified tourists a lot of money and time and it’s understandably proving to be very popular.

esta register is limited for some country.

As with many other supplementary programs created by an official government branch such as the Department of Homeland Security however, the uptake proved to be slow in the beginning. This was largely due to do many would-be travelers not really being too trusting of the very idea of applying for US entry authorization over an online platform, especially since this effectively replaces a rather official process of applying through the US embassy or Consulate for a regular visa. It’s common knowledge just how sought-after a US green card otherwise is in addition to a regular visitors’ visas, so if it wasn’t for the Visa Waiver Program there’d perhaps be a much more cumbersome regular visa and green card application system in place, which it must be said is already extremely labored.

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Travellers Who Have Hit the Geo-Location Jackpot by Default

To those travelers whose biggest travel woes take the form of having to wait for something like getting a response from their ESTA register service, if only they knew what other travelers from a lot of the other parts of the world had to go through, just to get travel clearance, they’d realize just how lucky they really are. Seriously, the odds are akin to winning a geo-location jackpot by default because if one looks at it from that point of view, what percentage of the world’s population resides in the 38 countries which are included in the ESTA USA visa waiver program?
Naturally the point is driven home in the most efficient way if we do indeed take the USA into account as the destination, quite simply because a lot of tourists long to visit that part of the world, some of which would even like to relocate there and stay permanently. This is perhaps why there is a need for programs such as the US visa waiver agreement in that tourists from the qualifying countries don’t have to go through the usual process of applying for a visa, along with the squads of other potential travelers making up huge numbers.

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Making Good Use of the ESTA Validity Period

Travelling anywhere comes with perhaps the biggest collection of red tape any ordinary citizen will ever be subjected to, so it comes as a rather welcome relief for those international travellers seeking to visit the United States who can take full advantage of the fact that they qualify for the ESTA visa waiver program. Citizens of the likes of Andorra, Australia, Finland, the UK, Singapore, Japan, Germany and 31 other countries which make up the 38-strong visa waiver countries list seem to be making full use of this advantage they enjoy of not having to go through the regular US visa application procedure. However, gaining entry into the US via this ESTA program is but only one part of finalising travel arrangements. Yes, a full 90 days of eligibility to be in the country under the ESTA program may seem like a lot initially, but if the trip isn’t planned properly, that 3-month period could fly by very quickly, leaving the traveller with some extra travel arrangements and admin to go through. Having to deal with the Department of Homeland Security for these reasons is no fun at all, but it really never has to get to that with proper planning.
Fortunately though, with proper prior-planning in place, the 90-day validity period is more than enough time to fully enjoy what is a vast country, with a lot of iconic places to see, visit and experience. It is therefore some good advice to follow in that travel arrangements should commence immediately or just before the ESTA application is filed, as approval can often be granted so quickly that it feels almost instantaneous. A would-be US-headed traveller would therefore not want any period between the granting of the ESTA approval and their departure to eat into the total number of days for which they’re eligible to stay in the country. An important consideration to factor-in is that of this 90 day ESTA validity period including travellers visiting neighbouring countries and territories and then re-entering the USA again, such as Canada, Bermuda (and other Caribbean nations) and Mexico.

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ESTA Visa-Waiver Program Dodges a Political Bullet

Amidst all the temporary confusion which naturally surrounds any modern-day suspicions surrounding terrorism, travellers who have absolutely no interest or any links to such activities often suffer the most from the political backlash. It is a rather sensitive issue to say the least, but governments usually find themselves falling nothing short of clutching at straws in an attempt to gain back some sort of control and at the very least appear to be on top of any negative impacts associated with terrorism. It could be argued with very strong reasons that this scenario played out rather classically in the case of the policy makers over at the White House entertaining the prospect of making some sweeping alterations to their ESTA visa service, which was first introduced as more of a positive way for some travellers who hail from certain visa-worthy countries to in a sense forego the ordinary, cumbersome route of applying for a US visa, rather having the option to file their ESTA online and effectively benefit from getting something akin to a visa exemption.

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Top Tourist Destinations in the U.S

Before travelling to the United States, you should first check if your country of origin happens to be included in the list of Visa Waiver Countries, since obtaining approval from the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA USA) is a requirement by the US Department of Homeland Security. Simply check out ESTA Online, which makes application quicker, easier and more convenient. Once you secure an ESTA ID, you can now tour across the US for two years. Although there are numerous tourist destinations that you can visit in the US, here are the ones that you should definitely include in your travel list.

New York City
The City of New York, aka ‘The Big Apple,’ showcases a number of tourist attractions, such as Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty, to mention a few. It has the heaviest population in the US. Nonetheless, tourists, both domestic and international, continue to swarm into this widely celebrated city.

ESTA USA tourists

Los Angeles
The home of Hollywood, the city of Los Angeles is perfect if you wish to encounter celebrities and stars. Aside from that, you will definitely enjoy the mild Pacific Ocean breeze from the beautiful beaches in Malibu or Santa Monica, shop on Rodeo Drive, tour Beverly Hills, and a whole lot more.


Dubbed as the “Second City”, second only to New York both in the aspect of population and size, Chicago boasts of various restaurants, museums, a skyline and a whole lot of shopping to effortlessly compete with L.A. and the Big Apple.

Washington D.C.
The capital city of US, Washington D.C. is a favorite of family and school tours due to its vast collection of monuments and museums, majority of which can be visited free of charge.

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Many years, visitors from certain foreign countries have been able to visit the United States without having an official Visa sticker placed in their passport. Implemented in 1998, the “Visa Waiver Program” (VWP) has allowed for visitors of several nations to visit the United States for tourism or business reasons for about Ninety days without getting a Visa put in their passport. During 2007, more than 15 million visitors from VWP countries arrived in the United States.

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